Sunday, 8 July 2012

Menopause: leverage the drive for change

I’m growing into my shoes! Yes, truly, just like those Great Dane puppies with enormous paws, I’m growing into the promise of me and becoming something that is quite miraculous.

I no longer feel anxious at work – yes that took a long time. A symptom of peri menopause – the time in which the hormones run down and then stop – is anxiousness 

and depressionThe black dog walks only occasionally- on a lead and mostly under control ….


My brain works better – as Andreas said – you have the best academic credentials among us – WHY ARE YOU NOT SUCCESSFUL!!! Yea, yea, yea … menopause, menopause, menopause … and iron and B12 deficiencies…. and chronic lack of ambition and career management. All a thing of the past and that increment in cognitive capacity and tad more memory really, really helps!

I can dress up and look sophisticated and pretty – yes REALLY awesomely AWESOME!! I have the hair, the clothes, the shoes, the makeup and the confidence to do it!!! YES – Me, Me, Me!!

I can write a sex & relationship blog and have noted and esteemed bloggers praise and recommend my work. YES – I, Candice Wing, am a sex blogger with over 4000 hits to my site!!!     

..then there are the people I’ve met along the way who have freely shared their knowledge and who I am proud to call my friends. Truly EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE who I would never  have met except for the internet.

…AND perhaps because of the above, I’ve finally cracked the code of attracting men - REALLY, really nice men, successful professional men, are attracted to me!

The lesson from all of this? Menopause is a time of great change – of rabid desperation and great adjustment - leverage your disatisfaction with the status quo to create positive change and build a miracle out of the ashes of your life as it once was. Out of chaos create something REALLY, REALLY GOOD! 
There is light behind each petal as the sunset shines through this lovely rose from Ellis's garden