Saturday, 29 March 2014

Menopause and older men - a wonderul relationship opportunity

Older men represent an attractive relationship opportunity for women aged 50+. There are a significant number of nice, interesting, kind, loving and good looking men running around free.

For a woman going through menopause, a supportive partner who has "been there before" can be a great asset.

From my experience, older men also tend to be thoughtful and gentle lovers. This is a great advantage to the post-menopausal woman who may suffer from less robust private parts and appreciate skill and understanding.

I also appreciate the wisdom and knowledge picked up over a lifetime doing interesting things. His Awesomeness is my most treasured mentor.  

So how to attract these wonderful older men?
  • Be young at heart, positive and happy. 
  • Be as fit and healthy as possible.
  • Make the best of yourself in terms of presentation. 
  • Be an interesting person to talk to.
  • Be companionable and willing to join your partner in their favourite activities, e.g. boating, traveling.
The older men I know (except my ex) still have healthy libidos and want to enjoy intimacy including wonderful sex. Hence, an interest in and general open-minded attitude to sex is likely to trigger the attention of older men.

Of course, you need to think carefully about a relationship with an older man, especially if he is not able to support himself financially or has medical conditions which could lead to you being his long term carer (and payer of expensive medical bills).

Nevertheless, there is a very great opportunity to have a really wonderful man in your life if you consider someone 60+.