Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Anti-aging treatments for skin – oestrogen!

One of the best ways to keep your skin nice is to avoid sun damage. Have you noticed how nice your skin is in places which are not exposed to the sun? Thus, a life time covered in hats and sun reflecting umbrellas ….

There is also the effect of gravity – one of my friends suggested sleeping hanging upside down in a closet, like a bat. I think this is untenable, so let’s rule out dealing with gravity.

Menopause has highlighted the affect of oestrogen removal on my skin – it has become noticeably thinner and its foundation less dense. This affect on skin has been one of the last acts in a swift decline and has happened only recently.

I was of course totally horrified when the skin of my face and neck became more like wrinkled tissue paper courtesy of new fine lines.  I had not expected this – I am part Asian, we DON’T get wrinkles!!!! Cue crying and gnashing of teeth!!

ANYWAY, this outcome has prompted me to seek anti-aging solutions. I found this article: Effect of a conjugated oestrogen (Premarin) cream on ageing facial skin. A comparative study with a placebo cream. Premarin was associated with increased skin thickness and decrease in fine lines while being well tolerated. Megacool!!  

Note: oestrogen creams seem to be exclusively meant for maintaining healthy human female genitals, not for use on the human female face. Also, some cancers grow faster with extra oestrogen. Therefore, you’d better check the risks and check with your doctor before you try this at home!

I procured an oestrogen containing cream – Ovestrin (oestriol 1 mg/g) – and applied a little twice daily mixed with coconut oil. At the start, my skin started to become red, and I pulled back a bit on the amount when some red spots appeared. However, overall the redness appears to have been associated with extra activity in the skin rather than a sensitivity or allergy. After a few days my skin looked younger and also some of the pigmentation disappeared. I have to keep applying it twice daily to maintain the effect. Awesome thought I looked “well”, but had perhaps missed the aging drama due to being overseas.

My doctor was somewhat gob smacked that I’…used the cream for an OFF-LABEL purpose. He’ll get used to my penchant for innovation. He’s suggested Vitamin E and Retin-A cream. I’ll try them and report back.  
Canberra September 2011 - spring had sprung!


  1. A week into using Retin A containing cream - Stieva-A Cream 0.25% (Tretinoin USP 0.25%) - I've not noticed any skin improvement although any effect maybe confounded by continuing to use the oestrogen cream. I did suffer some skin damage when epilating my upper lip, but only on the places where coarse hair normally grows. This usually does not happen so I expect the skin has become more delicate.

  2. Sill using the Stiev-A cream - I am not sure if there is an effect but am unwilling to stop and my doctor swears by it. The damage while epilating issue has gone away - I got a new epilator and the coarse hairs are now weakened and come out easily.