Friday, 12 August 2011

Being part of the magic!

Some years ago, as I searched for a way to a better life, I wrote a poem to a friend, asking him to leave the door open just a little on his happy life, so I could feel a tiny draft of that happy warm air escaping into the bitter cold of my dark existence.  

I lived on a metaphorical glimpse through a steamed up window to a life that glowed with purpose and human warmth. I followed the long dark, cold path towards the promise of something better until, by a small miracle, I gained a coveted position in a prestigious institution.   

At first I vicariously experienced the magic warmth of that desired life. I walked though the city dressed smartly, my hair clipped elegantly. I passed the barristers in wigs on their way to court and the wealthy swept past in their luxury brand-name cars. I felt excited and privileged just to be a nameless part of it all.   

Then Awesome invited me inside his life to soak up some of that magic warmth and feel safe and happy, even if just for a little while. When you read this Dearest – again, thank you!

I often walk at night admiring the icy stark beauty of the built environment in the inky, sparkly mirror of the Brisbane river....pure magic! 

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