Saturday, 21 January 2012

One day I woke up and the black cloud had lifted

I’m sharing this to provide hope to ladies and their partners, just as someone did for me….

....the background …even for a positive thinker, menopause can be very wearing – it just seems like the nightmare goes on forever!  

I’ve only ever heard, second hand, one lady say the nightmare can go away – it’s such a pity positive stories are not shared!

Most people just grumble about the negative impacts or NOT TALK ABOUT IT! In privacy ladies whisper about the hot flushes, sleepless nights and their brains turning to mush.   

One lady, a stranger, told me quietly, that her friend woke up one day and was herself again – from one day to the next! 

I would not say my change for the better was overnight – but certainly over a matter of weeks I noticed an improvement in memory, cognition and energy. This coincided with a cessation of cyclical libido changes.

Now I am not back to my old dynamic, unstoppable, superwoman self, but I have HOPE and I can leverage the extra energy, cognitive capacity and memory to work towards my goals and it is making a noticeable DIFFERENCE.

Ladies – don’t give up! There is an end. Out of the blue you will wake up and know you can be capable, smart and attractive again! Hold onto that thought and keep praying!

Hugs :-)
One day there will be buds and then there will be sunshine ....

...and the lids on the buds will lift and there will be so many bright and wonderful opportunities!

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