Saturday, 21 April 2012

Innovation = great sex!

It just struck me that great sex at any age and particularly as one grows older is about the ability to innovate to overcome problems and find mutually satisfying solutions.

During the fertile years birth control is a salient problem, especially as one feels more driven to have sex during ovulation.  There are many methods to identify the days when pregnancy is a risk. I just measured my temperature and checked for fertile mucus.

Fertile mucus is sticky like egg white.  Sperm can live in the mucus for many days, so the fertile time begins when the fertile mucus appears. The fertile mucus disappears just after the egg is produced and the egg only lasts a day, so declare the fertile period finished 3 days after the fertile mucus disappears. Thus, one needs to be careful of pregnancy for only approximately 8 days out of each cycle.     

With some innovation one can have great sex during ovulation without unnatural birth control.  The key point in ovulation sex is that the sperm must not find an unbroken path of fertile mucus (produced by the lady, the sticky egg white like stuff) leading to the egg. Thus, unprotected penetrative sex during the fertile time is not a good idea as even with the withdrawal method, some semen may seep out into the vagina.

This leaves manual and oral sex, using sex toys and other innovate tactics . I won’t go into all the details, sufficient to say be careful where the semen lands and ends up. Clean up immediately before cuddling to make sure accidents do not happen. I have no objections to condoms, so my preference was to use them during ovulation and again clean up carefully.

I think cessation of sex as people become older may also be related to lack of innovation and lack of willingness to solve problems. One can have great sex even without an erect penis or a working vagina! Crumbs, sensual pleasure is possible without any sex (or libido) at all!  

Note: Dr Dan would like to say at this point that issues with sex are often related to other health problems and can be early warnings of things like heart disease. So please see your doctor if you have pain, malfunction or lack of libido issues which impede your ability to have sex or enjoy sex. Even a lack of interest can be a hormone issue. Many of these health conditions can be remedied cheaply and easily.

Really, all this lack-of-sex-suffering is mostly an inability to think (and work) outside the box! 


  1. Proverbs 5 commands us to have great sex when it says be thou always RAVISHED in her love. Ravished is just a term for great sex.


  2. Thank you John - as always a very wise contribution to the discussion. It's a pity this sort of Biblical advice is not more top of mind for many people. I expect that many may not have great sex because they think sex is sinful or wrong even in marriage. I certainly know people that have sex and wrongness connected in their minds. Thanks Candice :-)

  3. I have another blog post where I explain that men can have an ejaculation without an erection. This especially true if he has a willing partner who will give him oral ministrations while he simutaneously uses an electric vibrator called The Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator placed firmly at the base of his dick. Gives a guy an ejaculation in about 5 minutes

  4. Hello John - thanks for this advice. Not many people talk about sex without an erection and its hard to get advice on what to do. I am sure many men/couples just give up. I really should have a whole post of sex without a reliable erection. Another thing some may not realise is that oral sex (her to him) is a great way to regain an erection and to have an orgasm if the erection is too soft for penetrative sex. If you read this, can you leave the link to your blog post? I'd love to feature it! Thanks :-) C