Thursday, 26 April 2012

(Sexual) innovation and menopause

My 40s were perhaps my most innovative sexually – I read widely about sexual practices and was always the one with the new ideas. I thought endlessly about different ways of having sex.

ANYWAY, one of the things I missed post menopause was the loss of the drive to discover and accomplish new things sexually. I no longer felt as driven to read articles on sexual technique and if we did the same thing time after time, I was very happy.

BUT…the other day I realised I was reading widely on relationship development and was dreaming about closeness and connection.

NOW … post menopause - I am driven to explore and innovate in the areas of intimacy and sensuality. I'd just not recognised my focus had changed!
A beautiful and unexpected flower - ornamental cardamon!


  1. After I've been there, done that it came down to the quality of intimate moments rather than how many different vaginas I can penetrate. We all need that experimental phase where we cut loose and do whatever or whomever makes us horny at the moment.

    Once that craving subsides a good intimate relationship with one special person is so nice.


  2. I have learned to slow down, sex feels so good, why would anyone want to rush through it. I also emjoy cuddling and embracing more.