Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A sign of aging you can reverse!

The age-related loss of muscle strength, mass and functional ability is called sarcopenia by medical professionals and is considered a significant health issue for middle-aged and older adults.

Amid all the angst and upset of menopause, I've noticed I can now lift 23 kg without big issues whereas 15 kg used to be my limit. I also completed a 10 km hike with some capability to go further whereas about 4 years ago (pre menopause) I only managed to drag myself 6 km.

The difference to my physical capability appears to be related to my more active lifestyle (I need to walk a reasonable distance to work) and also to some minor weighbearing exercise. Frankly I am suprised at this improvement in performance at a time when a cessation of hormones should be impacting negatively. However, as this article from the Peak Health Advocate shows, an older adult exercising frequently can equal or better the performance of a younger adult who does not exercise.      

YES! Decrease in strength and muscle mass is a sign of aging that can be reversed!
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