Sunday, 25 December 2011

Spare a thought for those that are alone …

I’ve noticed roughly two approaches to the Christmas break – those that are all chirpy and anticipatory and those that are dreading the festive season.

I remarked to Billy that I was likely to have homicidal thoughts if another person mentioned Christmas and he immediately started hiding potential weapons. He’s got a very dry sense of humour ….

People with a good life, their health, family, little children etc all look forward to the holiday and the good times they will have.  They wish everybody a merry Christmas with nary a thought for the distress the festive season causes others. In turn, we hide our distress and wish them back.

I’m quite happy for the solitude – menopause induced fatigue and natural introversion mean not having people around or things I have to do is great. However, others are totally unnerved by it – and yes grown men do shed tears. Still others have unhappy memories – lost relatives, children not in their care, being far from home … Personally, I still grieve the loss of a happy family life.

To those out there that join me in shedding a tear …. try not to think of your loss and find something else absorbing and worthwhile to do.  If you have the energy, volunteer to help others.  

To those that are living their little festive season paradise – try to be kinder to others and spread a little Christmas cheer to those less fortunate. Is there a relative or local person that is all alone? Get on the phone now and invite them over for Christmas dinner!

… and respect the situation of those that would rather forget Christmas exists. Don’t overdo the season’s greetings and PLEASE don’t make things worse through thoughtless selfishness. 

Flowering gum tree buds after some of our copious rain! Soon they will flower ... as I have said before, there are always flowers and always hope ... 

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