Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Trauma and sex

Emily Nagoski of the Sex Nerd blog has written a couple of very interesting articles about trauma to private parts after her rather painful experience of an IUD placement. She and the ladies who comment clarify how a trauma such as childbirth can impact sexual response and desire.

These posts are very important, not only for the quality of their content, but because commentary on the issue is rare.Every man considering a relationship with a lady or in a relationship with a lady should read them in order to understand why the lady may be totally put off sex after something traumatic like childbirth. ALSO, I’d hope to hear a little less of male demands the lady try an IUD.

One commenter wrote how her husband actively supported her through all the scary stuff. BLESS that lovely man! I want one like him!  Partners – read that comment please!

Some trauma, such as childbirth is unavoidable, but some such as cosmetic surgery and IUD insertion is chosen. Even Emily, an academic in the area of sex and relationships, did not know how painful and traumatic IUD insertion could be. The article is a good warning to both men and women to consider carefully whether they want to undergo a elective procedure on their private parts. Personally, I’d avoid anything that is non-essential. 

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