Sunday, 11 December 2011

Support and validation are important

At midlife and after we face many challenges across the areas of body image, carreer and health. A major role of a partner (or indeed friend) is to provide support and validation.

Candice (providing clear view for comparison purposes): Are my breasts an equal size? 
Awesome (tersely & slightly distracted): Of course they are! They're perfect!

Often people around us will not notice the changes and improvements we make and we wonder why we bother. Recently I coloured out the silver highlights in my hair. It was a big step because I've never coloured my very long hair and did not want to damage it. Remember I am the long-hair-up-in-a-bun girl in real life. No one noticed except Awesome:

Candice (tentative): Did you notice my hair?
Awesome (sincerely):  Yes I did - it looks nice! I'm sorry I did not mention it earlier - I was too busy dealing with ... (an urgent matter).
Candice: <smile>

It's important to educate your partner about the changes you are experiencing and their possible impacts, as well as their potential role.

Candice (using teacher voice): Now that I am post menopause ....
Awesome (tersely): You can forget being post anything ....

His Awesomeness can be so totally cute and at the same time so very wise. I am very thankful to have him in my life. :-)

There was a brief moment of sunshine during our current monsoonal weather ....