Sunday, 29 May 2011

Escorts and paid dating

There is a new dating service, centred as far as I can see in the US.  It’s called “What’s your price” and claims to overcome some key frustrations men have with the most popular dating sites, namely, contacts are not attractive, few dates result from many contacts and long cyber courtships.   

“Attractive” members sign up and are contacted by “generous” members who pay them for the first date. There are several relationship options but the associated blogs mention that most ladies (aka “attractive” members) are looking for a “sugar daddy”, i.e. someone to help them out financially in exchange for companionship.   

I guess it had to happen, especially since some of the major venues for escorts to advertise, such as Craig’s List, have shut down their classified service for the escort service category.  Perhaps this service is trying to fill that gap, but avoid getting censored by US pressure groups for advertising escort services.   

Anyway…I have a keen interest in dating services as a business category so I signed up.  As of today, there are few men listed as being located in Brisbane.  Some of them seemed interesting – they ranged in age from 20s to 60s (I think). Four checked out my profile and none contacted – which was not surprising since most of the other “attractive” members look like models and have provocative glamorous photos.  I’ll be taking down my profile without contacting anyone - I'm not in the market and don't want to waste anyone's time and money..

Actually, I can see the utility of this service to ladies in reduced circumstances who want to develop both professionally and personally. Let me frame the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship option as patron and protégé.  The successful man provides mentoring and invests in the development of the protégé. The protégé provides companionship and personal warmth to the patron.

What other options does the ambitious lady in reduced circumstances have to develop a close friendship or mentoring relationship with a successful man, someone right out of her league?  Not many! 

Well if she is attractive she might have an affair with a very successful married man – this is easily arranged via any of the mainstream dating services. There are many married men looking for an exciting affair. The expectation will be that they meet for sex – if she is lucky they might have coffee or dinner or meet in a hotel room. Most men will be generous with sex, but try to minimize financial cost. She may find someone that will mentor her.

I believe recognizing the option of patron / protégé upfront allows for both parties to properly negotiate their relationship for mutual benefit and avoid inconveniencing scores of other people while searching for the right person and arrangement.

Please note, the site is positioned as providing the opportunity for generous members to easily date attractive members because the attractive members are compensated. It is not positioned as I've imagined the patron/ protégé relationship.  

If you use the site, please note there is a cost, it’s not free like Oasis and you have to pay for privacy.  Also, read the associated blogs before you spend money because these elucidate the intentions of the clients of the site and those of management.

I'd suggest being careful with using this site - some people may think tbey are meeting and escort when they are not (and get upset), others may serial date for the money. Also, just giving people money does not necessarily help them get their lives in order - sometimes a crisis has to happen for a dysfunctional situation to be corrected.   

If you do have some experience with it, let me know your impressions!    
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