Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Yes we do have winter!

Icy cold - time for opaque tights and winter clothing! 

It’s very unusually cold right now (11 June). The temperate will probably not rise higher than 15 degrees Celsius today! It’s overcast and dismal. The famous Brisbane bright winter sunshine is not to be found. Usually all one needs to do is fine a wind-sheltered nook and all is warm and cozy!    

The problem is that my house, like many houses in Brisbane is built for warmer weather. There is no insulation, no central heating and no fire place. I might just close my office door and depend on the waste heat from the computer to stay warm.

I’m just about to go ratting through old boxes of clothing looking for thick, woolly clothes that are normally not worn because it’s normally just not that cold!  

Queen Street Mall May 2011

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