Saturday, 7 May 2011

Multiple orgasms for men!

I've read several articles on multiple orgasms for men. They offer advice on various techniques - this one by Alan Oberman seems to be the easiest.  I'll add others as I find them.

I guess it would be an interesting endeavour to try out the technique and certainly I'd like to try a technique that involved me doing nice things for him.  However, with so many other things to try and sex being so much more than orgasms, I might put a low priority on this little adventure.

I wonder if men want to have multiple orgasms? I might ask around!
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  1. Multiple Orgasms for men: Most interesting, thanks for including that in your blog. I have always wondered about that but have always assumed ejaculation was orgasm. The author mentioned the male's drive to ejaculate, thus ending the sexual activity at least for the moment. This makes all the sense in the world to me. Should I assume that as a woman can have different types of orgasms, G-spot and clitoral, that men can experience different orgasms also, they are just not that similar?

    My current lover occasionally shares that her previous boyfriend had a very short trigger, oft ejaculating before entry. From what I am told, many women do not orgasm because the man is so driven to ejaculate that he does so prematurely, or at least well before she is fully satisfied, whether by climax or sufficient stimulation. Personally I understand the male's drive to consumate and ejaculate, but in doing so (the latter) the sexual interaction quickly comes to an end and all the wonderous aspects of intimacy ends also.

    If a man can control his ejaculation and experience multiple stimulative orgasms I must ask how much of this can be tolerated by a woman? My wife, when we were sexually active, told me that I "like to play down there too much." Evidently she wanted to roll over and go to sleep and I wanted to prolong the stimulation, over stimulate perhaps. Generally speaking, what would a woman prefer? An hour of unending sexual athletisism, variations (positions and intensity), lubricant, short or long breaks or is there a point where she needs to reach her own sexual conclusion? I know, I know, someone will answer "It all depends upon the woman and the intensity of the shared passion." Please, be more specific in your answer.


  2. Thank you for your comment and questions! I am honoured to be asked, but need to point out for the answer, I rely on my limited experience, reading and information shared by my male friends.

    So, different kinds of orgasms for men:
    1. From my reading, I conclude that the experience of men roughly parallels that of women in that they can orgasm from stimulation of the penis or prostrate (in women clitoris and G spot). Men appear to experience a more intense and whole body orgasm from prostrate stimulation, just as may occur from G spot stimulation.
    2. The literature on "orgasm without ejaculation" also indicates another kind of orgasm for men. This parallels the experience for some women who can orgasm repeatedly.

    In general I see a strong trend for men consciously learning how to delay their orgasm/ejaculation in order to enjoy sex longer and to satisfy their partner. They control what they think, take little rests and cease and desist for a little while. It seems to be quite a skill. Therefore, being able to orgasm and take a little of the heat off while being able to keep going might be a massive advantage and benefit for their partner. It might be worth the effort learning how to do it.

    If a man could go longer, would that be welcomed by his partner? Let’s skip the “depends on the situation and couple thing”.
    From my reading, I learn that a vagina is not really built for having sex for more than 15-20 minutes without aids such as extra lubricant. Also, as we get past menopause, the vagina walls can thin and natural lubrication can be less plentiful. Therefore, the lady can suffer pain. Also, there’s the boredom thing that might occur from more than 15 minutes of just plain penetrative sex and thrusting. This indicates a need to really think about how the whole “last for an hour (or longer)” thing could be incorporated into one’s sex life, not that it should not be considered! I would personally welcome having that option.

    I’ve simply put the notion of multiple orgasms for my man on the back burner because we’re so happy where we are, and because it seems like a lot more work than many of the other things we have not tried yet. However, if he wanted to try, I’d be happy to work with him. I imagine he’d try by himself first to gain control of his orgasm and then teach me how to be involved. We’d probably set aside a longer time in a nice setting for our first experiment.

    As for, does a woman reach a point as does a man when orgasm just takes over whatever she has planned? Well, that does happen but I think at least for me, it tends to happen after a longer time than for a man, so to make sure it happens as appropriate, I tend to do the things mentally and physically that I know I need to do to orgasm. I’d welcome the opportunity to see how long it took to orgasm involuntarily.

  3. At the present I would settle for just being to last ( stay at 100% erection) for a longer period of time. Not an hour but certainly 30+ minutes after ejaculation. That would ensure that my lover has had more than enough penetration time and will more adequately satisfy need to be inside her.


  4. Dear BJ – thanks for your comment. I’d love to know the exact way this multiple orgasm things for men actually plays out – whether a man will orgasm in shorter intervals or the same or longer. It seems to me that men last about 15 minutes when they use a full erection, so 30+ minutes would probably require two or more orgasms.

    I understand your partner’s desire for longer penetration time. It’s not just the stimulation, it’s the intimacy and closeness. Toys and fingers last forever and are perhaps easier to control and therefore more effective in stimulating the important parts, but they are not quite the same!

    I probably cannot advise you how to last longer – not being a male. Its great being female because one does not need an erection to participate! I’m also sure you’ve read and practiced all the normal advice on lasting longer. Therefore, I believe for experienced men, we really need new techniques and ideas to accomplish effective natural erections for longer times – hence my interest in this multiple orgasms stuff.

    Please keep commenting … I do appreciate your participation! Candice