Saturday, 21 May 2011

In support of natural inner labia!

One thing that really gets up my nose is the fashion fad for reducing inner labia in size!  While trying to show respect for the choice of individuals, I’m really upset at the processes in society that are driving uptake of this cosmetic surgery option.

For commentary please see Em & Lo “do men care what labia look like” and Joanna Cake “Vaginal cosmetic surgery”.  There appear to be two basic reasons for women to seek reduction of their inner labia – a desire to look like pornography actresses and discomfort during sport and other activities. I am stating the obvious I believe when I say – pornography is make believe and should not be the benchmark for normality!

I believe that reducing inner labia may reduce feeling during sex – they certainly seem sensitive.  Also, cutting something off one’s body can have side effects. As to the discomfort angle, I would argue its better to change the environment than to change a perfectly normal human!

I find my pubic hair tends to cushion and protect my labia, so I suggest retention of pubic hair for comfort. Perhaps looser clothing including underwear with a greater width of material in the crotch area would reduce rubbing and something like a fluffy sanitary napkin could be invented to provide cushioning and protection during sport etc. Properly fitted stretch jeans without heavy seams would also be kinder on sensitive labia. I’d hope someone has invented a bicycle seat that does not rub or crush the vulva (mine was terrible - and the replacement is not perfect)!

One also has to consider the inner labia tend to become smaller after menopause….
Lilypilly new growth - Southbank Parklands - May 2011


  1. I absolutely love large labia on a woman and I think a lot of other men do too! It's very erotic to see that and to me makes oral sex that much better.


  2. Thank you BJ! I think its so important to affirm that people in their natural wonderful state are attractive. You input is very welcome since I cannot possibly understand the visual attractiveness thing from a male perspective - I just can focus on how mine feel and how attached I am to them as a part of my body!