Monday, 27 June 2011

Men: How to be perceived as strong and excitingly dominant!

It’s easy for men to be excitingly physically dominant if they are young and strongly built – and younger women can probably take rougher treatment! However, for older couples, couples of similar size or people that prefer gentleness, there are subtle tactics to get that thrill of dominating male strength without any of the downsides.

Yesterday His Awesomeness put his arm around me as we walked from the restaurant, guided me to the car door, opened it and guided me inside.  I totally melted! I can open doors myself, but I felt oh so cared for and protected!  The hand on the back thing totally blows me away every time!

Another of his tricks is to gently crowd me towards the bed and lay me down – he gets to play the dominant one and I get to “feel” his superior strength without anyone getting hurt! 

Similarly, the “capture Candice” game involves capturing me by corralling me between his body and barriers such as walls.  Of course, his confident self assurance and cheeky smirk add to the atmosphere!

Holding or hugging firmly at key times during sex also adds to perceived strength and therefore creates excitement for the lady!   

Another trick to achieve the enveloping hug which is so comforting and wonderful for a lady is to wear a sports jacket.  This makes his shoulders look bigger and when the lady puts her arms around her lover’s waist under the coat, she feels his enveloping body warmth.  <sigh> 

However, I'd warn against rough sex without prior agreement including roughly thrusting fingers into her vagina! <ouch!>

Update: When I told him of this post, he immediately got a glint in his eye and implemented "dominant" sex positions!  He's a very fast learner! 

Everything is brighter and better in Brisbane!

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