Thursday, 30 June 2011

My journey 5: Where to from here?

I've made a lot of progress in my life - I've got the a career and established a wide network in a new sphere of business. I've moved on from a lot of things, but it's still not enough! 

What I really want is meaning and purpose.  I’ve got my pragmatic financial goals and goals related to a more comfortable life and I orient towards those, but there has to be more!    

I’d love to regain my creativity and paint, write amazing prose and learn music. Learning another language would also be great …. but I suspect this still won’t provide meaning and purpose.  

I need to declutter my life sufficiently and have enough rest such that my mind is capable of greater creativity. It will come naturally given the chance, but cannot be forced, e.g. I can just write this after a day doing very little and a long afternoon sleep. I wrote a rather simple post for my blog, but I still cannot write poetry.

So where to from here? ….self development definitely, exploiting some profitable opportunity if it comes my way, working quietly on promotion, deleting things from my life I do not need or want….  
Where to from here? Perhaps a deviation from the narrow road? 

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