Saturday, 11 June 2011

Multiple selves....

Holly Pervocracy wrote this article on people who share a body (AKA multiple personalities).  Some people who identify as existing in the one body graciously agreed to answer questions.  Some commenters noted they also feel that there are parts of their mind that are working without their conscious notice. 

mmm…well I think its widely known that the subconscious can work on problems while one is asleep and then one becomes aware of the solution mysteriously or that intuition can often point to the right answer, even without conscious, logical thought.  So I agree that the biological computer that is the brain can be processing stuff without us consciously noticing it. Thus, I think perhaps being “multiple” is a more extreme case of what seems to be the experience of most people.

Being me is not the same as being several people living inside one person, but it is enough to allow some understanding.

It’s an aspect of my creativity and one of my problem solving skills to imagine that I am playing the role of a different person or character is a story that I compose in my own mind. I use these stories to “model” what might happen in certain circumstances and purposely avoid controlling the direction of the story. Many of the memories so created are very, very real to me and I treasure them, fondly recalling some of the best times in my life.

Since I have a very conservative life to lead offline, I do have another name besides Candice and I do have another expressed personality. A very few people know about this duality and at least two have had a lot of trouble with me having different names and purposely try to use the name they perceive as the right one. They believe I may suffer from some emotional issue. They believe having a name printed on a business card or passport makes it real and not open for negotiation.

In the bricks and mortar world I wear a business suit and I don’t have sex.  I’m past romantic matters and I just try to stay out of trouble and not be noticed.  In Candice world I travel and think and imagine!  In the private world I share with the special man in my life, I enjoy romance, sensuality and just being!

I know many people have multiple lives that run parallel. Sometimes we grow out of one life but there are barriers to evolution and change. Sometimes the people in one life are simply not able to allow us to change and try out new ways of being. Sometimes we are waiting for the right time to transition.
Many ships, with different stories, within the same harbour. Sometimes you see the ship, sometimes you don't.

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