Sunday, 6 November 2011

Please stay and provide your insights!

I notice some people are clicking over from MMSL - welcome!  We may share an interest in developing satisfying and happy relationships mid life and after - please keep revisiting and provide your insights.

As I indicated on MMSL - mid life is a deal changer and one can only understand the nuances of a situation one has experienced. I am just starting this journey by exploring the impacts and consequences of menopause and due to menopause induced issues, have been a bit slow in developing and posting my ideas for your comment.

I believe there is insufficient understanding of menopause and how to live through it and leverage it rather than being taken down by it. That is why I am sharing my story and the experiences of others. I'd appreciate comments and ideas for posts, because I am only one person and there are millions of experiences and perceptions out there...

A light beyond the darkness ... sunset Brisbane 2011


  1. Hi, I am from MMSL. Even though my wife is 55 (I am 56) she is still having periods. She is not in full menopause yet so I don't know how she will do. She is on estradiol, but it is a small does because her body is still producing estrogen. Her mom sailed right through it with hardly a symptom. Her periods just stopped. Maybe my wife will be the same. She recently had an ovary removed because of an endometrial cyst. Since then, her periods have become more "normal" (regular and less flow).

    Thanks for the blog!

  2. Thank you Chip - I would be very interested in your wife's experiences and feelings as she goes through menopause. It seems as if she is one of the very lucky ones - in many ways. Please keep commenting! :-) C