Saturday, 16 April 2011

Great technique, romance and ...and affection?

John the marriage coach recommends technique improvement and romance to improve the frequencey and enjoyability of sex for couples within relationships. All good of course!

May I add to the mix love, connection and AFFECTION?

Great technique creates the reward of pleasure and therefore, logically, when rewarded, someone is more likely to have sex more often.

Romance is great foreplay and as John writes, its possible to do it even if you don't really enjoy it!

Love and connection are basics that are not easily turned on or learnt. However, affection is ...perhaps...reasonably under our control?  

Just imagine he comes home thinking only of a shower and dinner and you cuddle into his chest thinking only of greeting him and then serving dinner, hold him close and say "love you gorgeous" ... and he says "love you too"..and you kiss his lips softly ... and he kisses back...and before you know it you're naked and having sex...and he thinks "goodness she just seduced me AGAIN" ...and you think "goodness he seduced me AGAIN" ... and years later you work out that you had sex so often because HE always interpreted affection as seduction...and you don't mind a bit!   

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