Monday, 4 April 2011

My journey 2: I peek outside my burrow and turn my face to the wind

Many years ago I took a tentative step outside my very circumscribed life. I had read mountains of text books and researched academic databases, but rarely left my home office. When I did, it was usually via the Internet to communicate with clients.  The new service being offered - "Internet dating" - took my eye, and never being one to do things the same way as other people, I saw my chance to meet new people. Never mind that most subscribers had sex on their agenda! Here's what I wrote:  

Looking for pen pals to exchange views, debate issues and fill gaps in my existence and hopefully in theirs.
I am looking for pen pals as a way of expanding my view of the world (I work at home so don't meet many people). I am interested in business studies, once studied science, love animals and flowers and like good conversation and learning from others. In fact, I crave contact with professional people and would be very interested in finding out how other people live. I will answer all contacts, but while I am sure I will make a good friend, please don't expect more than that.

I come from a diverse background and live on the cutting edge of multicultural society, so culture is also an interest of mine, be it ethnic, subgroup etc.

Like many intelligent people I enjoy play even at work and have a keen sense of the ridiculous, but on the other hand I can also handle stressful and challenging situations in a professional and mature fashion.

I have an analytical personality and people describe me as gentle, quiet, tolerant and mature. I am deeply religious and respect and am interested in the beliefs of others.

I have several degrees and have now realised that I can learn what I need to know now more cheaply and quickly by myself (and from other people like yourself).

I don't offer a photo because I believe appearance is irrelevant to the relationship I am seeking. However, if it matters to you, I can offer that I am normal looking and of slightly Asian appearance (long black hair, brown eyes, off white colour) - not remarkable, inoffensive, not highly fashionable.

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