Saturday, 23 April 2011

Relationship advice for men by men

I'm very excited - I've just found there is a whole network of blogs published by men to explore and discuss how they might better manage their relationships. I'm sure I can learn a lot.  Here's my annotated bibliography which I am sure will grow!

Married man sex life - relationship advice - the author has written books which he promotes on the blog.  He is very ready to reply to comments, so the blog is pleasingly interactive. There are many edifying comments.

MarriageCoach1 - sex and relationship advice from a professional advisor to couples.  Great articles, interesting Christian perspective and some good comments.

Nightscape - Brisbane 2010


  1. Thank you - I really like your blog as well. You are truly called to help people. I have personally referred several men to your site. :-)

  2. Hey Candice
    Where have you gone?
    John Wilder

  3. Still around. Been busy with life and his Awesomeness! I'm touched you remembered me! :-) C