Saturday, 9 April 2011

A small adventure ....

Today I went walking in the local forest just on dusk when most people had gone home. I so treasure times when the forest is deserted! I used to often walk on my own when I was quite young, but then that was on the family property and I'd often take a canine companion to protect me. Now it's just me and there could be dangerous humans around!

While looking for the formed path, I found a place where people had walked quite a few times - the grass and leaf litter were quite crushed.  I figured that the pathway must emerge at the bottom of the hill and that where ever that was, I could find my way home. Also, I was unlikely to meet anyone at this late hour, so it would be very safe.

The forest was green and lush from the recent rains and it was a lovely experience to at last be alone in the deep forest again. I found some lovely rocks and a running stream. I may go there again to read and think, but I will make sure I am hidden from the pathway!

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